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A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth
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A Riveting, Raw, and Inspirational Must Read!
A mindful selection of true and first time revealed stories, insight, and spiritual undertones that come together as a powerful symphony of inspiration and triumph.

You Will Discover…

How to love, beginning with your Self.

How to forgive, including letting go of self-blame.

How to contribute while changing the vibrational energy of love on this planet.

How to break the mold for generational blessings.

Your truth and how to triumph over every life situation.

Are YOU ready to triumph over it all?

Book Chapters

The Grass Blades in Cement
First Impressions
Generational Blessings
The Path Left of Center
Hate and Revenge
Behind a Veil of Silence
Power and Control
How Death Became Life
What Drives Someone to Violence
The Cost of Rage
The Dimensions of Loss and Growth
The Liar on Your Shoulder
Gone With the Wind
Who Am I?
Love is
How Can I Forgive?
How Can I Contribute?
Saying Yes to What Is
The Crucifier

About the Author

Lily Sanders is a noted Life Coach and Magazine Columnist, recently awarded one of the 15 Top Coaching Experts in NYC, with recent TV and Radio appearances. Her passion is for humanity and thrives on helping transform lives.


A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth



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